• ESUN_BR4

This deluxe 25-jet hot tub for 4 fits almost any space.
1 Pump, Deluxe Panel weather-resistant cabinet and insulated hardcover. Optional multi-colored LED mood lighting, water feature and media sound system.

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Eco-Effect Technology

This technology is built into every hot tub to help save you money in electricity. From the floor to the top cover, every hot tub is thermally insulated with 2″ of rigid EPS insulation and lined with a reflective layer to further capture heat and prevent it from escaping. Each hot tub’s insulation rating is an R-20 value and our covers are rated with an R-18 value.


We take pride in using 100% recycled ABS to fabricate our flooring systems on all of our spas. We also recycle 100% of our wood, plastic and cardboard waste.

Ever-B-Efficient™ reflective insulation outperforms spray foam insulation.

Our Ever-B-Efficient™ double-sided foil rigid insulation panels provide an R-20 insulation value. This system harnesses all thermal gain from the pumps and heater inside the spa cabinet, while reflecting the colder outside air away from the spa cabinet – thus maintaining the spa shell and water heat. In addition, the removable exterior panels provide easy maintenance access. Side by side comparison tests show Ever-B-Efficient™ insulation system to be 12% more energy efficient than using spray expanding foam.

Our fully insulated floor system provides the foundation to lift the spa off the cold ground to further insulate and protect the spa from moisture, bugs and other pests.

Ever-B-Strong™ acrylic shells are unmatched and eco-friendly

Our acrylic shell system has 3 layers of strength support plus expanded steel support in heavy traffic areas for the strongest shell system in the industry. Plus, our Ever-B-Green™ Eco Spray strengthing process is environmentally friendly and emits no or zero V.O.C.’s (volatile organic compounds) – unlike fiberglass resin shells that emit toxic V.O.C.’s into the air and may have adverse health effects.

Our PVC pillar supports won’t rot, mold, rust or let you down.

Birch Bay Hot Tubs™ uses a PVC pillar support system that will not rot, mold, rust or otherwise breakdown like other manufacturers that use wooden or steel supports. Many other manufacturers fill the entire skirt interior with low-density foam that can deteriorate and attract unwanted rodents to its warm and moist environment. Our PVC pillar support system, combined with the Ever-B-Efficient™ insulation panels and Ever-B-Sturdy™ floor, will give you the structural support unmatched by any other.

Ever-B-Sturdy™ floor system insulates and protect from the elements

Our weather-resitant, fully insulated floor system provides the foundation to lift the spa off the colf ground to further insulate and protect the spa from moisture, bugs and other pests. Our environmentally friendly Eco-Effect™ technology uses 100% recycled ABS material for our floor systems.

Deluxe panel cabinets are tough and maintenance-free

Birch Bay Hot Tubs™ standard full frame provides a strong and sturdy support structure for the spa and exterior Deluxe Panel cabinet siding.

Removable exterior panels provide easy maintenance access.

Cabinet Colors: Mahagany or Gray

Optional Lighting Upgrade: 4 multi-colored lighting sconces

Our soft touch controls let you customize your hot tub experience

Purify water without all the maintenance. The optional Salt System, with circulation pump, for Birch Bay Hot Tubs™ is a natural water purification system that acts as your own maintenance crew 24/7. This system allows you to create the exact amount of sanitizer needed to maintain crystal clear water without adding chlorine or bromine.


4 people


77” x 77” x 33” (196 x 196 x 84 cm)

Hydrotherapy Jets:

25 stainless/graphite jets


1–4.0 hp 2-speed (U.S./CAN)

1–3.0 hp 2-speed (Europe)

Water Capacity:

230 gallons (871 liters)


Empty: 400 lbs (181 kg)

Filled: 2318 lbs (1051 kg)

Filtering Area:


Electrical Requirements:

240 volt (U.S./Canada)

Electrical Amp./Breaker:

50 amp GFCI (U.S./Canada)

Flooring System:

4” raised floor with 2” insulation

Standard Cabinetry:

Deluxe panel, polyurethane weather and impact resistant

Standard Features:

Insulated hardcover, head pillow

  • Steps
  • Cover lift
  • Circ. pump
  • Salt system with circ. pump
  • LED light
  • 12 point LED lighting package
  • LED lighted jet package
  • Waterfall feature
  • Media sound system (with iPod/MP3 waterproof housing, 2 speakers and subwoofer)
  • Ozone
  • Custom color upgrade

10 Year Shell & Structural (shell, pillar supports, floor)

3 Year Equipment Warranty

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