Electric Sun carries one of the largest selections of indoor tanning lamps and acrylics in the industry. Current inventory include all acrylic types including:

Acrylics Specifications:

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Acrylic FAQ’s

When should I replace my acrylics?

Acrylics should obviously be replaced when they are broken, especially if the crack is large enough to either pinch a customer, or break completely and further damage your tanning unit.

One of the biggest mistakes of salon owners is waiting for their acrylics to break before replacing them. Even if your acrylic appears to be in perfect shape, over a period of time it will begin to block a percentage of the UV light. Most acrylics should be replaced every 1500-3000 hours. The best way to test the UV transmission of your acrylics is to purchase a light meter. Take a reading with acrylic on. Then, take a second reading with the acrylic off. If the readings show a difference of 20% or more, the acrylics need replacing.

What is the best way to measure my acrylic for ordering purposes?

Take the acrylic completely out of the unit. With a METAL tape measure, measure the width around the back side of the acrylic (the side closest to the lamps). Be exact. Do not round up or down. Most distributors prefer that you get within 1/8″. Measure the length in the same manner.

In some cases, you will need to measure the width of any special taping. For instance, some acrylics have gray or white tape at the head and foot of the acrylic to disguise lampholders or other inner workings of the tanning unit. This is especially true for the canopy acrylics of units with facial tanners. Make any notations concerning the specifics of the taping pattern.

If your acrylic has any type of special notches or holes, please notate the specific location of these features. Please be sure to tell the order taker what type of acrylic you have: curved, molded, V-bend, 2 bend, 3 bend, or 4 bend. Also inform them if it is for the bench (bottom) or canopy (top).

What can I do to prolong the life of my acrylics?

To prevent premature cracking, make sure that your bed has all of the acrylic supports properly installed. Inspect them to make sure that they are not loose or cracked.

Some units do not have a proper support system to begin with. In that case, you can either purchase aftermarket acrylic supports that can be modified to fit your tanning unit. Or, you can purchase replacement acrylics in an upgraded thickness for an additional charge.

Use disinfectant and cleaners that are acrylic safe. Most home cleaning products are damaging to acrylics.

Clean and polish your acrylics regularly with a system such as Novus Plastic Polish. It comes in three steps:

  • Step 1 cleans and prepares the acrylic surface for polishing.
  • Step 2 removes haziness and fine scratches.
  • Step 3 removes deeper scratches. Using this system will prevent build up, remove scratches, and help prolong the life of your acrylics.

Make sure that all of your internal cooling fans are working. Defective fans can cause hot spots in your tanning unit. In a worse case scenario, this can cause unnecessary warping of your acrylics.

Do not allow any of your customers to use tanning products that are not designed for use in indoor tanning equipment.