Salon Start Ups

Welcome to the Tanning Industry

We would like to take this time and welcome you to the tanning industry. Even if you are just considering a new salon, you have taken a step in the right direction by looking at the services that Electric Sun has to offer. We can help you research your new business by providing customized services including Technical and Product Support, Break-Even Analysis, Salon Layouts, and Demographics. Please take some time and go over the services listed below. If you would like a representative to get in touch, please fill out our Salon Startup form.

Comprehensive “Salon Packages” Programs

Electric Sun’s Salon Package programs are not franchises. There are no royalties or franchise fees associated with top of the line Soltron Blue Box or Ergoline Ultra Pack or any of the other programs. Rather, they are a dynamic and powerful brand concept and sales tool designed to support your state-of-the-art Soltron tanning equipment.

From the moment they enter your salon to the moment they leave, Electric Sun Salon Box offers you a comprehensive package that provides you a unique and engaging tanning environment. A total experience that’s energetic, bold, sexy and fun.

Technical and Product Support

Our staff has access to a variety of support literature to help with any questions that you may have. This information ranges from electrical requirements to assembly schematics for every type of bed that we sell.

Break-Even Analysis

By combining the average operating costs of your beds with operating costs of your salon, we can give you a good idea of the revenue potential for your new location.

Salon Layouts

Utilizing computer aided drawing applications and your specifications, Electric Sun can provide a clear representation of your future salon. These drawings are not blueprints but can help give your bank, electrician and builder a good idea of the requirements for your tanning equipment.


A demographic profile is one of the most important aspects in the preparation and operation of your new salon. By evaluating the overall age groups in you area you can make more informed decisions about your target market.

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