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With its 46 Turbo Power UV lamps and 3 Ultra Performance facial tanners, the intermediate model of the Affinity Series provides an excellent tanning result. The wide Body Shape acrylic, with an integrated headrest, variable footrests and comfortable armrests, ensures a relaxing tanning experience from beginning to end. Standard AC Plus air-conditioning keeps customers cool and comfortable even during the longest tanning session. The control panel on the Affinity 600 is clear and easy to use with self-explanatory buttons. A premium sound system (including the Voice Guide function) enhances an already enjoyable tanning experience. The Affinity 600 comes standard with yellow mood and ambient lighting and is available with lighting in blue, magenta, or red.

Ergoline 2006
  • D├ęcor color: Brilliant Silver
  • Chassis color: Brilliant Silver
  • Shell color: Titanium
  • Tanning tunnel lighting
  • Base panel lighting
  • Mood lighting: Yellow
  • Optional: color-matched mood lighting in Magenta, Blue or Red
  • 12 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule
  • 3 x 500-Watt Ultra Performance Facial Tanners with Glass Reflector System
  • Facial Tanner Output Adjustment (including Off): 5 Settings
  • 46 x 160-Watt Turbo Power UV Lamps
  • Lamp length: 71 inches
  • 7 x 25-Watt UV Spaghetti Lamp Shoulder Tanner
  • Reflector Neck Tanner
  • Body Shape acrylic
  • Stereo Sound with headphone connection socket, channel selector and volume control
  • Separate air-conditioned base acrylic cooling
  • 2-system body ventilation, separately adjustable and additional face ventilation with air conditioning controlled by AC Plus
  • Control panel with 4-field LED display
  • Check control for diagnosing main alert messages
  • Automatic reset function after tanning session
  • Information button providing information on tanning and Voice-assisted service and diagnostic support

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