Mango Tango

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Get down with the new XXS-30 Mango Tango. This sunbed is hot-to-trot and perfect for high-traffic salons, health clubs or day spas. Its concentrated tanning power is packed into an efficient size that makes it perfect for any room where space is limited. Once the Mango Tango is let loose, it will astound anyone with its moves.

Plenty Of Energy
With 32 Super Power UV lamps and one available glass reflector high-pressure facial tanner, this sunbed never gets tired of providing an all-over tan that that looks great. Its concentrated tanning power and quick maximum exposure time lets clients tan and go with the Tango!

Luxurious Style
The XXS-30 Mango Tango looks right at home in any salon. From the trendy, fresh colors to the thematic mold and handle strip, this unit has the perfect “wow factor” to get clients in the mood to tan. Plus, the powerful ventilation will help cool things down while customers move their bodies to the music of the optional stereo speakers. Invite the Mango Tango to dance!


• Thematic Decal in Mango Tango Design
• Semi-Gloss Finish
• Thematic Designed Handle Strip

• 15 or 20 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule
• 32 x 120 Watt Super Power UV Lamps
• Optional: 1 x 400 Watt Ultra Performance Facial Tanner

• Central Ventilation with Adjustable Facial Area Fan Outlets
• Spacious Tanning Tunnel
• Optional: Stereo Speakers

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