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The Ergoline SUNSTYLE UV-Free System is engineered to be the most advanced spray booth on the market. After listening to what salon owners as well as their customers wanted in a UV-Free system, Ergoline designed a unit that appeals to both and is backed by one of the most trusted names in the tanning industry. For salon owners, this system has been engineered to be flexible, durable and made of the highest quality, industrial grade materials in order to adapt to any business offering sunless tans. To accommodate any sunless preference, the SUNSTYLE offers many different program options and is equipped with four separate solution containers, which are replaceable from inside the unit. The system is also self-cleaning so that salon staff can spend their time performing other duties. For salon customers, the Ergoline SUNSTYLE UV-Free System’s three nozzles on a vertically-moving arm ensure complete coverage in a remarkably short 3-minute session time, requiring only two positions – front and back. Each body position is followed by a Quick Dry sequence, which seals the superior sunless tan. To keep your tanners comfortable, a heater delivers warm air through the top of the cabin and an advanced 2-stage, Pure Air mist extraction system clears the air of overspray to make breathing a breeze. Furthermore, the SUNSTYLE starts each session at the feet. Different from other spray tanning units, this reduces the surprise factor and creates a more comfortable sunless tanning experience. The interior is lighted and users can see through its acrylic door with gorgeous Lifestyle image. A simple touch screen controls all system functions and a waterproof speaker provides voice prompts for additional guidance. Leave it to Ergoline to perfect the spray booth – the SUNSTYLE!

  • Décor color: Lifestyle Motif
  • Chassis color: Stylish Black
  • Closed booth design
  • See-through sliding door
  • Industrial grade components and materials
  • 3 nozzle vertical spray arm movement
  • 4 solution reservoirs with level monitoring sensors
  • 2-stage, Pure Air mist extraction system
  • Complete self-cleaning internal wash down (all areas)
  • Down draft heated air
  • Overhead interior lighting
  • Short 3-minute session time, requiring only 2 positions – front and back
  • Stance position floor markings
  • Automated voice prompts with waterproof speaker
  • Touch screen control input
  • Easy replacement / cleaning of filters

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